What’s Inside Your Pain Letter?

If you haven’t heard about them, pain letters are a brilliant way to reach inside an organization and show key decision makers that you understand their pains (the real problems they’re facing) and have the experience and skill set to help solve them.

Although it can be challenging as an outsider to identify the real problems facing an organization, it’s often just as difficult to articulate your own real pains as an insider. Trouble is, it’s easy to waste a lot of time, energy and money when you’re not sure what your real problems are.

pain perspective

So here’s what to do: Use the questions below as a guide, then quickly write yourself a bulleted pain letter describing your pains. You’ll gain tremendous clarity on the real problems you’re facing – and you’ll be better equipped to see your pain from the perspective of an outsider.

How to Move Past Your Hidden Fears

Today I want to share with you a secret coaching technique – a powerful question that will help you move past your hidden fears.


You see, we all engage in a running dialogue with ourselves about our abilities, goals and perceived limitations. We do it through self-talk, and we do it through the words we use to describe ourselves to others.

Elite athletes use this running dialogue to reinforce the positive things they believe about themselves, but most of us employ words that reinforce our self-doubts and hide what we’re truly afraid of. And the more we hide what we’re truly afraid of, the more stuck and confused we become about where we’re going.

That’s why I’d like to share with you a secret coaching technique that can expose the hidden fears behind your words. This tried and true technique is a question – a powerful question that requires active listening to key words and phrases.

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