Dream In Color, Think In Black & White

I stopped saying “Someday…” and now I have a book on Amazon!

Are you ready to stop saying “Someday…” and begin turning your dreaming into doing? My new book, Dream in Color, Think in Black & White™: How to Get Unstuck and Fulfill Your Dreams, is a practical “how to” guide that will immediately transform your dreaming and thinking into impact and help you create a plan to achieve your dreams and get unstuck in your life or career.

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Dream in Color, Think in Black & White will transform your dreaming and your thinking into impact. I plan to recommend it to my clients and family members alike! The section highlights are so powerfully written that they linger long after you put your book (and pen) down. Jonathan Bissell compels you into creating a plan to actually achieve your dreams in a way that seems totally doable.Jane A Creswell
Master Certified Coach, Founder of IBM Coaches’ Network, CEO of iNTERNAL iMPACT, LLC, and author of two books on coaching.

This book is a superb must-read. Dream in Color, Think in Black & White blends right and left brain thinking to create a roadmap of balance and success for every single person. Jonathan’s wisdom, experience and core message of living life in color grabs and forces the reader to stop short, at whatever age they may be, and begin planning for success. I highly recommend this book!Chaya Abelsky
Master Certified Coach, Principal at Triumphant Journeys LLC and Director of the NonProfit HelpDesk.

In a vast sea of self-help and motivational books, Dream in Color, Think in Black & White stands out as a clear, accessible and readable “how-to” guide for anyone seeking career and personal fulfillment. Jonathan Bissell has leveraged his intellect, experience and open personal style to form a strong connection with readers. While providing wise counsel, this joyful book also promotes personal accountability and raises provocative questions that spur deeper thought and personal reflection. I recommend Dream in Color, Think in Black & White to anyone looking to get unstuck.Luther Jackson
Board Member, American Leadership Forum – Silicon Valley.

As an experienced life coach, I am always looking for practical materials for my clients. It’s not very often that I find something as useful as Dream in Color, Think in Black & White. This is one of those books that is ready for experienced coaches as well as anyone just feeling a little stuck. From the first chapter to the last the reader will be challenged to take action and receive the tools to do the needed steps each leg of the way. I will be using this book and recommending it to all my clients!Mark Taft
Life and Marriage Coach, CRM Empowering Leaders.


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