3 Reasons Why Your Choices Aren’t Creating Impact

I get it. It’s frustrating.

You’re a respected leader. You do the right thing. You research your options. You seek out wise counsel. And you agonize over key decisions to ensure great outcomes.

Yet somehow your choices aren’t having the impact you had hoped for – and you’re not sure what’s missing.

Here are 3 reasons why your choices may not be creating impact, and what to do about it:

  1. Your choices don’t represent a pattern. Just like people, choices don’t do well when they’re too isolated from others. When you make choices that are out of sync with your past and future choices, you’re just acting randomly – and your results will show it. Instead, try this simple trick: Evaluate every new choice as if it were the filling of a sandwich. If it doesn’t seem edible in light of your bottom slice (past choices) and your top slice (future choices), then it most likely needs to be composted.
  2. Your choices aren’t linked by a common purpose. Making choices within the context of past and future choices means that you need a common purpose that drives every decision. Failure to clearly identify your common purpose will lead to difficulty in ensuring the relevancy of each individual choice you make. To avoid confusion, write out your common purpose in clear and simple language – then post it (physically or virtually) where your whole team can see it every day.
  3. Your choices don’t show collective pursuit of a dream or vision. It’s important that your choices are linked by a common purpose – but it’s essential for your long-term success that you have a clearly defined dream or vision. You see, your common purpose will help you stay focused on your desired end results, but your dream or vision will keep you motivated to pursue your purpose no matter what comes your way. So if you find yourself focused but lacking motivation, do yourself a favor and take time out to clearly define your dream or vision – because if you can’t remember why you do what you do, then it’s time to start looking for something new.

Consider this quote from Dream in Color, Think in Black & White: “Success is a pattern of choices, linked by purpose, in relentless pursuit of a dream.” Now ask yourself the following questions: Do your choices represent a pattern? Are they linked by a common purpose? Do they show collective pursuit of a clearly defined dream or vision? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

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Photo by Levi Saunders.

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