High Performance Impact

What would it take for you to work happier and consistently perform at your personal best?


The key to working happier – to achieving and maintaining energized performance, increased creativity, and consistent excellence – lies in discovering your individual High Performance Pattern: the distinctive sequence of steps you naturally follow when you are performing at your best, feeling enthusiastic about what you’re doing, working “in the flow,” and producing results that exceed your expectations.

Working with Jonathan on my High Performance Profile (HPP) was one of the peak experiences I’ve had in self-discovery! Jonathan guided me through the process with great skill, and he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. And, the results (my High Performance Profile) Jonathan put together and presented to me were life changing. I’ll use the HPP every moment of my life for improving and streamlining both my business and personal lives and results. Great, period! Can’t recommend Jonathan enough!Sam Markewich
Peak Performance Marketing Coach


As a High Performance Patterns Certified Coach and CEO of High Performance Impact, LLC, I use Executive Coaching to help proven executives, emerging leaders, and busy professionals like you discover and leverage your High Performance Pattern for increased impact within your chosen sphere of influence, whether it be Business, Non-Profits, Education, Government, Entertainment, the Arts, or Ministry.

Discovering your unique High Performance Pattern isn’t about striving for peak performance. It’s about learning how to consistently operate at your personal best, so that you can pursue your passions with energy, creativity, and excellence – day in and day out, year after year.

Wouldn’t you like to help yourself or your team consistently perform at your personal best? Call today and let’s get started: 650-394-5721. Read about your coaching options.

I’m often burdened by the tyranny of the urgent, but Jonathan Bissell has helped me define the important things I must do and necessary steps I must take to move my organization to the next level. Coaching with Jonathan has increased my executive effectiveness by 50%.Kevin K.
President (Nonprofit Leader)

Through the HPP process, I was able to identify the key factors necessary for me to pursue meaningful goals without reservation. The final product is a personalized guide that gives me immediate feedback on how to improve performance depending on what phase of goal pursuit I’m in. This is a tool that will last a lifetime!Jung S. C.
Executive Assistant


My coach approach begins with you and the results you want to achieve. To help you achieve your desired results, I listen, make observations, and ask powerful questions. This simple yet profound process clarifies your thinking so that you can immediately take practical action steps toward your objectives.

Based on your desired focus, I may also incorporate a powerful assessment of your* unique patterns of high performance by using the High Performance Patterns (HPP) assessment tool based on the ground-breaking work of Dr. Jerry Fletcher. This in-depth narrative assessment will uncover your distinctive process for consistently achieving your personal best.

*This process can also be applied to teams for increased individual and group performance.


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*The services to be provided by the coach to the client are tele-coaching, or coaching, as designed jointly with the client. Coaching, which is not advice, therapy, or counseling, may address specific personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in the client’s life or profession. 

Jonathan’s approach to helping me discover my High Performance Pattern was insightful and highly individualized. His concern was focused on me walking away with a tool that would help me function at my best in all future endeavors.Brian T.
Lead Pastor and Associate Certified Coach