3 Simple Steps To Begin Writing Your Book

You’re a writer and you have a book inside you, but it doesn’t know how to get out.

Here are 3 simple steps to begin getting your book out of your head and where it belongs, on paper.

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3 Simple Steps To Begin Writing Your Book:

  • STEP #1: Write Your Introduction. Writing begins with…writing. It sounds silly, but just sitting down to write is the one simple step that many people never take. So take it. Grab a paper and pen, or your laptop, and sit somewhere comfortable. Now imagine we’re sitting there together, and I ask you to tell me about your book. “What’s your book about?” I ask you. Now write or type your answer. That’s it. Just tell me about your book. If it’s helpful, try to answer questions such as Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Once you’re finished, you’ll have created the Introduction to your book! Now on to step #2.

  • STEP #2: Identify the 3 Elements of Your Introduction. If you’re actually on this step, you’re a big step closer to writing your book than you were when you started. Great job! So here’s your next step: Below the Introduction that you wrote for step #1 above, write the following three words: Beginning, Middle, and End. Next, look at your Introduction (what your book is about) from the perspective of time passing, or a sequence of events, or the parts of a process, or the way the story unfolds (whatever works best for you) – then assign each element of your Introduction to one of the three words you wrote earlier: Beginning, Middle, or End. Don’t worry too much about getting it perfect; you can change your mind later! If you find you’re having difficulty identifying these, go back to your Introduction and add a little more, and make it clearer. Once you’re done, you’ll have created 3 major sections of your book, which you can use as the basis for your chapters!

(BONUS STEP: Once you’ve created a Beginning, Middle, and End, take a closer look at each one. You’ll find that even the Beginning has a smaller beginning, middle, and end to it. And so do the Middle and the End. So go ahead and subdivide the Beginning, Middle and End into smaller parts. Then you’ll have up to 9 potential sections, which will form the basis of your chapters!)

  • STEP #3: Write 2-3 Sentences About Each Chapter. All you need to do for this step is to look at your list of anywhere from 3 – 9 sections (chapters), and write one to three sentences that describe each one. Use the content you already assigned for each section as the basis for the sentences. If this seems overwhelming, just write at least one sentence for each section. Then put down your pen, or your laptop, and take a moment to congratulate yourself.

If you’re willing to complete these 3 simple steps, you’ll have a loose outline of your entire book when you’re done, you’ll have taken a major step toward your dream, and you’ll finally get that momentum you’ve been waiting for. So go ahead. Make your dream come to you!

One more thing: Be sure to share your results with a friend, or come back and post your results in the Comments section below. Sharing will solidify the positive experience in your mind and provide encouragement to both you and those you share with.

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